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    I'm just curious if this is happening to anyone else also.

    I would hear my phone's (palm pre) system alert go off, then I push the power button to turn the screen on, unlock the phone and there is no notification. ... So what triggered that system alert?

    It's happened a few times now and the most recent I was having a text message convo with someone. I thought they texted me back when i heard the alert but my phone showed no new text messages.

    (the following might not be the right forum section for this but it's related)
    ATTN TO: homebrew app developers.
    I'd like to put in an app request that shows you a log of recent system alerts.
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    I had the same problem. Check your email account preferences. One of my email accounts was accidentally set to Vibrate ON and Show Icon OFF. This is the opposite of what I really wanted. I suspect 1.3.1 dorked up these settings, but I can't prove it.
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    When it happened to me it was the "your phone cannot establish a data connection" error. By the time I got my phone unholstered and unlocked the error message was gone.

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