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    I have both Facebook and Google contacts linked, Google is "default." The phone app used to pull the Facebook photo automatically, except for those Contacts that I edited preferences manually, setting Google as the "Primary profile."

    Since 1.3.1, the phone app only shows Facebook photo when someone calls, even if the Google profile is set as Primary for that contact.

    However, the Contacts app/IM, etc. all use the correct photo.

    I haven't found any other threads on this yet.
    Anyone else notice this? Likely a bug, rather than intentional programming, I think...?
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    I imported all of my contacts over from Google and they all show the photo when a call comes through. I don't think I have gotten a call from somebody who has both Google and Facebok photos, but when I get a call from somebody with a Facebook photo that also shows in the Phone.

    Are you only having problems when a contact has photos from both Google and Facebook?
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    Sometimes after upgrading, or doctoring your phone, contact photos will not show up--from any/many sources. You might have to remove the affected accounts and re-add them.
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