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    as a long time PalmOS user, this is just painful......Palm just had soooo much more room for customization of the entire phone experience....what i wouldnt give for that lovely little "menu" button that used to be on the keyboard that would bring up a plethora of phone preference options for whatever screen you were on....these menu screens on WebOS are a faaar cry from can you create a new "fancy" OS with LESS than the previous one? I mean, it just seems like all they did was this "card" feature, which is nice, but for cryin out loud what about all the stuff you can really USE for productivity? agenda linked with calendar? about this big ol' home screen that you cant do ANYTHING TO?!?!?! remember the lovely agenda items that you could have show whenever you woke your phone up......

    it just seems like there is very little ability to customize the experience....if im looking at a text and want to call the person, its several more clicks than it used to be.....i just thought that things improved with development, not regressed...

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    I have never used palm OS but I have heard there were some nice fetures that are not on web OS, but for me this phone has everything I need. But to say it is several more clicks to call someone when you are reading a text is just not true. 1) Tap the persons name at the top and that takes you to the contact 2) Tap the number you want to call. Done.

    So unless you could call them in one click/tap/touch it would be tough to beat 2. And it would certainly not be SEVERAL less.

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