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    I'm just surprised this one hasn't been developed yet. Just want to see if anyone is working on one by any chance.
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    Same Question
    Hi Everybody!!!
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    No, but if there's demand I'll write one...
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    I hope there is demand cause that would be awesome haha.
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    Stand Alone sells Crosswords for the Palm OS, but it was written for older Palms running the Palm OS and not Web OS. I have been able to get to run semi-successfully a Palm Pre using Classic.

    The program launches successfully and is able to download new puzzle files from direct links to a variety of websites. However, I've run into one problem. On my Treo 700p, I used to download the NY Times Across Lite puz files in monthly blocks and hotsync them in. This approach doesn't seem to work with the Pre via USB. When attempting to use the Virtual SD Card to open files, Crosswords doesn't show any. I suspect I am moving the .puz files to the wrong directory. I've exchanged email with Motion Apps, the makers of Classic, who tell me that the .puz files should be in the same directory as Crosswords, but when examining the Pre via, I can't locate that directory. They've directed me to Stand Alone.

    I posted this to Stand Alone's support forums on 10/23 and they have yet to get back to me. I emailed them earlier today.

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