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    I seem to recall that a couple of months ago there was an article on the Pre not doing daily backups for some. When I checked the app, I verified that my Pre was not backing up the device daily. I assumed that this bug would be fixed in WebOS 1.3.1; it was not. Is anyone else having problems with their Pre or Pixi not backing up daily? Is there a fix for it? Is there a backup daemon that should be running or perhaps a cron job?

    I would like to see this app working properly even though it does not completely backup the device. I am anxious to see a 3rd party application that can back up the device to a remote drive or the cloud like Dropbox or Live Mesh.

    EDIT: After searching again for a solution, I found one here. I just tried it so I'll have to wait a day to see if it works. I assume that my current backup was corrupted so it just stopped working.
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