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    Anyone notice that some of the patches don't work after installing 1.3.1? And, yes, I performed the Emergency Patch Removal BEFORE I executed the update and I am now attempting to reinstall the patched with QuickInstall.

    Specifically, the Landscape Email and Battery % patches won't install - there are others but those are two of the most important for me... Do the patches themselves need to be updated?

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    My recommendation would be to use preware to install patches.
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    They've all been updated and work perfectly in preware. Once you go preware you don't need anything else.
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    I'm with Preware as well, it's just too convenient.
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    I noticed i can't even remove the patches that dont work or update them i also lost most my patches and it really does suck . Tryng to figure out the same thing say to update patches but keeps reading error code.
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    Use the WebSO Repair Utility to clean out patches that remain or were not completely uninstalled correctly (leaving various files from the uninstalled patch).

    You'll also need to download the WebOS Dr ver. 1.3.1 from the first page of the WebOS Repair Utility thread.

    Place both of them in the same folder and run the repair utility (DO NOT RUN WEBDR).
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    I used Preware and have both of those patches with no problems
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    Same here, preware is working just fine. No isues what so ever...
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    I tired that and everything, Calendar, Contacts, patches, all wiped clean. What to do to restore that stuff?

    I admit that I am a newbee and an ol fart to boot but really neeeeed all that stuff back. How do I restore and get the old patches working again after 1.3.1?

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