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    Is there a patch available that will allow me to sort my contacts by:

    Last name, First name

    This seemingly should be an obvious option, yet it's not there
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    It's under Preferences in the Contacts app. No patch required.
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    All I see is:

    -First Name
    -Last Name
    -Company & First
    -Company & Last

    No "Last, First"
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    I don't know about you but I have mine set to "Last name" and mine are sorted by last name then first name.

    Does this not work for you?
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    It doesnt... Given a list of my family members (last name changed to protect the innocent)

    Kevin Smith
    John Smith
    Bob Smith

    Now if I set it to 'last name', they all show up grouped under 'S' with the format 'First Last'

    Now if I set it to 'first name', they show up in the 'K', 'J', 'B' groups respectively sorted 'First Last'
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