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    Someone maybe found Issues at the 1.31 updater,when ever from 1.21 or other Vision.

    You can try this Bypass ROM base of webosdoctorp100ewwsprint.jar Ver 1.31, it will boot to desktop screen once you finished the flash, and Skip Activation and Creat Profile etc.

    So you can take the wifi setting and Developer mode first...

    Then you can run Firstuse app in you home desktop, even the Pre with Bad ESN.

    Download here
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    sounds nice..
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    can someone post a faster link download speed are very horrible with a cable connection it says 1 and 7hr remaining.. help thanks in advance
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    I appreciate the effort you've put into this. However, I don't think it's a good idea to re-distribute webOS Doctor, especially if it has been modified. There's a reason Metadoctor is distributed as a script to modify Doctor, and not as a pre-modified .jar
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    Yes... Distributing a modified Doctor is definitely not the best decision.

    The steps to creating your own Meta'd-Doctor really aren't all that bad. See here: Cross-Platform Guide to Meta-Doctor -- Solve your App Catalog limit the real way; Bypass the need for carrier-specific activation; Enable Dev Mode by default after each Doctor.

    It needs a tad bit of touching up, but most all the steps are there and laid out properly.
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    Anyone try this.
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    Try my guide...

    It probly takes about an hour of time... and only about 20 min of actual "work". It's 100% working and should be completely understandable by anybody. Whenever you're done, you'll understand how to install any operating system you'd like within a virtual machine, like VirtualBox.

    And that means that whenever 1.3.5 comes out in a week or two, you'll be able to create your own meta'd-doctor instead of relying on xxrake above!

    NOTE: you should ask if a new version is compatible with meta-doc... because 1.3.5 is out now and not yet compatible. Not like it could hurt your Pre to try, tho... The Pre is invincible in that respect.
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    Okay so i've downloaded the file, now how do i flash my phone or upload this rom to my Pre ? please help as i know nothing about pre at this moment. Just got it off at ebay.
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    Link deleted by moderator. You cannot post copy righted code on PreCentral.
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    can someone make like a youtube video on how to do this
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    Quote Originally Posted by ayoo456 View Post
    can someone make like a youtube video on how to do this

    Just try those instructions out and tell me in that thread if there's anything you don't understand. I'd be impressed if you could find even 2 ways to make it slightly simpler.

    It's very easy to get VirtualBox setup and Ubuntu, too, if you just follow the guide. Once you get VirtualBox setup, it takes just a few seconds to shut it down and a few seconds to start it up. And the terminal will already be open, ready for you to download a new ROM, make clobber, and cp the new ROM to your shared folder. It's easy peasy if you don't skip an instruction. If there's something else I should highlight... lemme know.
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    Hi, need to download all webos list, bypass activation screen...

    Help Me please
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    Hi, can i use bluetooth to send a receive files palm pixi or pre...

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