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    How do I convert an AVI to an mp4? Real Player SP won't convert AVI apparently.
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    Not sure if it works for all formats, but try Handbrake
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    I use Magic Video Converter, converts just about any video/audio file type to just about any other video/audio file type.

    I also find that .3gp works better for me on the Pre than .mp4, but to each their own on that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mc25mc View Post
    Not sure if it works for all formats, but try Handbrake
    Nice one, it works.

    I converted an .avi video to a .mp4.

    First attempt was using the h.264 codec option, but that would not play in the Pre.

    Second attempt I tried MPEG-4 (XviD), which plays well.

    Thanks for the suggestion
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