View Poll Results: Do you want Palm to make a WebOS Netbook version?

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  • Hell yeah!!! I would buy it now.

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  • Yes, but would like to test before buying.

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  • No, Will trust being with Google Chrome OS.

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  • Hell no, Don't trust the whole "Cloud Computing".

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    I recently read this thread Live From Google’s Chrome OS Event and was very impressed about it. I am an UBUNTU user now and really considering getting this OS on my netbooks. Now my question will Palm catch up with their apps and be able to run on the new netbook OS of the future? Or will Palm come out with their own version of "WebOS Netbook"? Microsoft has already started the process with their version of cloud computing with an OS called "Microsoft AZURE". This new computing is going to change the way we do everything on computers. Who is ready????!!!! I think this is exciting and would love to see how far WebOS is going to take it.
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    I'm in the same position: Ubuntu Netbook Remix (UNR) on an eeepc 901. I almost never use a "full fletched PC" anymore. There are more similarities than differences between GCOS, UNR and, indeed, WebOS. There is certainly a shared vision between Palm (WebOS) and Google (ChromeOS). My guess would be that if the name WebOS was not already taken, Google would have used it for ChromeOS. And there is still a lot to come: full implementation of html5, IPv6, etc.
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    Yea they do share the same vision but Google takes it a bit further. And what I mean by that comes from this and I quote from the Q and A session
    " Q: Will you support Silverlight?
    SP: Certain select plug-ins weíre trying to work on. But I donít have a comment on working with Microsoft (laughs).

    Q: Other browsers?
    SP: Chrome OS is all about Chrome, so another browser canít really work here. That said, itís open source, so other browser makers can make their own OSes if they want."

    Creating other OSes off of Chrome will make hell of a difference. I dont know if you know already but Android phones sort of do this now. You can put different Roms on your android phone. Not thats open source at its best.

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