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    Is there a way to unlock the launcher icon from the launcher/wave bar? It seems silly to have this icon when a simple upward swipe gesture accomplishes the same thing. It would be nice to use that space for a more useful icon.

    I wonder what the reasoning is to even have this icon. Let alone lock it in place.
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    I was wondering the same thing. Needs a patch, maybe?
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    Maybe Palm doesn't want only one virtual/soft key to access to the rest of the phone. Or focus groups were split on the issue... $0.02
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    It would be cool to have it hidden since you would swipe up for it anyway. Think there might be a patch thread on this out there, but it would be great to have Palm give us the option,
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    Just saying, it would be nice to be able to remove the launcher icon from the launch/wave bar so to be able to put an icon of our choice. It is my opinion it is wasted space for most of us.

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