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    I run a few web-based programs (e.g., Ampache) on my home server and use an alternate https port to reduce the likelihood of people randomly hitting the site (I know obfuscation isn't a security policy, but they're only low risk programs and I do use SSL and password protection as well). Prior to 1.3.1 I had no problem getting to the sites in either the browser or AmpacheMobile.

    Now I can't get to either one -- I get an error message 2051 ("Unable To Load Page") in the browser and "Empty response" in Ampache. Anybody have any suggestions (besides changing over to standard ports on the webserver).

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    It appears that my problem may be driven by the fact that my certificates are self-signed rather than by the alternate port -- but in either case, things were working before 1.3.1 and they ain't working now (although the same certificate is working fine for IMAP-SSL even under 1.3.1). Any help greatly appreciated.

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