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    My pre had crashed/reset itself MAYBE 3 times since June...until 1.3.1.

    My pre reset itself 4 or 5 times yesterday, and twice today.

    Anyone else having stability issues?

    It typically happens when I'm using the browser or streaming podcasts.
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    yup I'm having this problem when I watch youtube mostly. It'll just restart. And no I have never put themes , patches, or rooted.
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    this happen to me to.
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    No problems here
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    I think it's a bit buggy. tapping links seems inconsistent and will often highlight the link but will no actually click the link. I've tried different lenghts and presures during the taps it doesn't seem to be a change to the UI just inconsistent. I web doctored to 1.2.1 just before the update, although I do have 20+ patches.
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    I am having problems with playing podcasts and streaming media - the players will stutter or I will lose audio, and then occasionally the Pre will crash and reboot.
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    I dont think my Pre has ever crashed since launch day. I have had programs crash but its never brought down the whole OS. I should mention that I dont theme or patch.
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    i dont mod or patch or anything liek that i have had my pre almost 2 months now & it has only crashed 1-2 times @ most & i believe that it was teh "blob" app or what ever that is in the app store. i have only had www site give me "too many cards open" a few times but since the update a few things seem faster but i also am getting more over all slowdowns, camera doesn't always make click sound (yes even with slider on) worst is www seems to slow down a LOT more! & Bad link clicks! as stated before it will highlight the link but not accept that i have clicked it! I HATE teh LOUD beep @ the end of a ball if you have BT Headset on! I had just gotten used to the other sound & with new sms ring tones it eliminated m 1 gripe that i kept thinking i got a txt when i ended a call. my battery seems to be worse off, not a lot but a little & that is a lot with this phone! i coudl make it threw a full work day 8-6 approx with 30-40% left well i have had 9-13% left past 2 days! I have not set up anything new no yahoo im or anything, i did not change a thing! & YES i rebooted myphone & it helped for 3-4 ours but then slowed!
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    The same thing happened to me when I try to send a email via yahoo through the email app, when streaming a video or when running certain apps. I haven't ran any patches, themes or homebrew apps yet. I never had a problem with stability before 1.3.1
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    memory leaks all over the place for me

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