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    I have the same issue, only seems to happen to small/short files. They all worked fine before the last upgrade, hopefully Palm is aware of the issue and it is among the many fixes via 1.3.5.
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    hello, im new at all this preware stuff but i would love to learn how to make ringtones as well or Themes for my phone but dont seem to know how or where to go to get help or a reply to all my ? do you think you could help out a very confused person but you must have lots of patients as well . please help a lost pre soul

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    1.3.1 seriously horked audio. It's a known problem. I've been trying to fix it with some changes to the pulseaudio config on the phone, but it doesn't make much of a difference.

    Another issue introduced is sprintnav's turn by turn voice cutting out, and for me, harsh sound and clipping at higher frequencies over A2DP.

    Being that this is a PHONE and MEDIA device, breaking audio in any way is a major FAIL on palm's part. Hopefully they will address these serious flaws in the next release.
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