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    I'm trying to update but when I go to updates app it just says checking for update but never brings up the update screen....what do I do to get updated???
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    Are you on the right carrier to receive an update, ie Sprint.

    Also do you have any patches installed? One could be conflicting. And, did you try rebooting?
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    Mine is doing the same. Removed all patches, rebooted, took out battery and rebooted, etc. etc. Just says "looking for updates" with busy spinning thing. Tried wifi and evdo (or whatever it is called). I am at web OS 1.2 still. I am thinking I may have to do the webdoctor, but hoping I can avoid it. Oh, also tried the partial erase method.
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    I had the same problem you had. After spending a better portion of the weekend trying to upgrade, I had to install webos doctor on my computer with the help of Palm support. They assured me that I would not loose any data, but they were wrong! The upgrade deleted all of my contacts, emails and calendar appointments. Palm support assured me that it would automatically re-appear after about 30-45 minutes, but that was dead wrong. I spent the better part of my working hours today on line with Palm support, mostly without any help. To say it was disappointing would be a severe understatement. If you do decide to upgrade by webos doctoring your phone, you will want to back your music and photos first. Then make sure you have your "Palm Profile" email address and passwords handly. Also, you will want make sure that you have all your email and other passwords written down in case the Pre mysteriously loses them. Finally, do you remember the salesman promising you that the pre backs up all your data so it can be restored if you lose it??? I reminded Palm support today about it, but I never received any indication that the data could be restored. Its a good thing that I have the most important stuff backed up at the office!!! Good luck with the upgrade!
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    i'm on sprint, I ran EPR, rebooted 3 times.
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    My mom bought a pre thursday and has done nothing to it. Except make calls, I met her for lunch to help her with her phone. It would not update 3 hours later we left the store with an updated pre....but the email accounts cant be added...another error. She will give it 48 hours before she takes it back.
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    I had the EXACT same problem. Remove all patches, themes and Homebrew apps...backup your pics and music and ringtones in USB mode, do a Pre backup of your contacts, then run webOS Dr. available from the Palm site.

    It took about an hour but my Pre is now running 1.3.1, restored ALL my contacts, was able to restore all my pics and music, and is now running perfectly.
    All the directions you need are on this forum...just use the seach!

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