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    What's the diference between Data Usage (On/Off) and Data Roaming (Enable/Disable) that are on the dialer app?

    I'm asking because I've noticed that I can't send MMS when I turn data usage off. I'm trying to disable the 3G access but still can send MMS because here we dont have unlimited trafic. :S
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    Data usage turns off the data part of phone internet & mms will be disabled. Allowing roaming allows informatiion to go off the Sprint network if a signal is not available.

    mms and sms are two different things. sms can be sent when the data is turned off while mms requires data connection.
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    Hmm I see! Do you think its possible to patch the pre to somehow allow nly the msg app to acess 3g? Ill post ir on the patch subforum
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    it might be easier or better to write a patch the enabled the data and/or phone connection whenever you send a SMS or MMS message and then disables the radio and/or data connection once the SMS is complete.
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    It seems like the newest WebOS update automatically set the "Data Usage" option to OFF. Does this make sense? Why would they want it off for users, many of whom don't know how to turn it on?

    It does seem to be true that with Data Usage off, you can't send or receive MMS. I can use the internet and data applications (nav, google maps, etc.) fine, though.

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    i upgraded to 1.3 on a qwertz pre. the data off stops me from getting/sending mms.

    i would love to be able to switch off data but still use mms, any workaround this issue.

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