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    So as a network and exchange administrator, I find myself pleased with the direction Palm is taking to more fully support EAS policies such as the PIN requirement. While I aplaud their changes in 1.3.1, they are not quite there yet.

    For all you PIN haters, there is a reason for them. They make sure if you lose your phone that is sync'd to your company's Exchange server, the company's data (your email) does not fall into the wrong hands. Yes it is inconvenient to the device user, but the policies are there to protect your company, not make your life easier.

    That being said, Palm has had **** poor EAS policy implementation in the past. It wasn't until 1.2 that they supported the PIN policy at all. They mad it require a PIN, but didn't care what the server's PIN policy was.

    For example my company's PIN policy is:
    PIN Required
    At least 6 characters
    Wipe device after 8 failed attempts
    Required after 15 minutes of inactivity

    In 1.2 webOS failed at least 1/2 of those requirements. (I never tested the wipe device after 8 failed attempts) I could only have a 4 digit PIN (though some how my server didn't know or care) and I could not set an inactivity timeout.

    webOS 1.3.1 has come closer in compliance by supporting a different PIN length. (i don't have complexity requirements, so I haven't tested that) The downside to that is that you have to tell it when you are done entering a PIN, as opposed to it assuming you are done because you put in a 4th character. It also supports some Inactivity time outs, up to 10 minutes. Too bad exchange servers let you specify however long you want. 1-999 minutes. So they are almost there.

    So my main issue with their new policies is that they need more variety of inactive lock out times. 1,2,3,5,10 is not sufficient.

    I cannot comment on if/how they enforce complexity, aging etc. Any one else able to comment on other features of EAS that are either not implimented, or implimented poorly?
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    On my Pre I can now get a 30 minute lockout option. Much better. But like you said, it should be set by corporate policy, which for us is two hours.

    However, you are correct in that it does not enforce EAS corporate policy. We require a complex password, yet the Pre only requires a six digit PIN. (Up from 4 in 1.2). They would need a virtual keyboard to support the complex password (hint, hint, Palm?).
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    Complex and long are two different scenarios. My pin needs to be 6 characters long, but can be just numbers or just letters like 111111.

    Complex password would be a combination of upper, lower case and numbers.

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