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    Not sure what is going on. I am unable to open any of my emails, not even from the notification bar. I can go into my inboxes, receive new email, send email. But I can not open my emails. I didnt see any one else with this problem. Any solutions. My email is yahoo
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    it's one of the email patches.......oh it's the that replace a botton. Can think right now_ but try removing it. I had the same prob and it work for me. It's not landscape thou.....
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    i dont think I have that one, but will check. I just removed my email accounts and am putting them back on now. once they are done I will check my patch. thanks
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    well the only patch I have that has to do with email is landscape. so i am going to take that off and see what happens
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    i am still unable to open my emails ;(
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    Ihave same problem. Removed all patches before update. Did add email patches back on. I have now taken them all off, restarted phone, nothing is working.

    Can see, can receive new ones, cannot open.
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    same problem here. Just ran epr,but it did not remove the landscape email or the download youtube patches, I get ipkg errors when trying to remove them. I assume that is where my problem lies. I installed both of those right after the update, before the pacthes got there new updates yesterday, so I wonder if there was a problem with 1.3.1 compatibility?

    Anyone know how I can manually remove them, I'd rather avoid doctoring if I can.

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