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    Since the 1.2.1 update my automatic backups from the backup app have not been doing a thing. I have had to manually force it to do a backup ever since.

    It has now been a day after the 1.3.1 update and I have not seen it backup yet. For me it should be automatically backing up at 2:55am. I manually did it yesterday at 1:47pm. I guess I am going to wait and see it is does it at 1:47pm with out me forcing it.

    Are any of you experiencing this as well?
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    I've had it happen sporadically with WebOS 1.2.1. In order to get it working again, I had to turn off the auto backup, delete when it asks you to, then turn it back on, do a manual backup and it works fine after least for awhile.

    No problem with 1.3.1 yet, it did the auto backup on schedule.
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    thanks for the info, never thought about turning it off and then on again. Seems simple enough. thanks again

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