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    Right this is kind of getting to me now, not sure if its a bug or to do with a patch i installed but...

    After a few tries of changing wallpaper on my pre, the wallpaper goes slightly blurry/pixelated =/. For example, compare a 320 x 480 wallpaper in photo viewer, it looks great, set it as a wallpaper, its blurry! Albeit its not really noticeable but its something which annoys you when you know its there. This was not the issue before however, the wallpaper looked as great and detailed as how the photo viewer showed it, Not sure what the problem is, might doctor and test again, was apparent on both 1.2 and 1.3 fw.

    Anyone else had this problem?
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    only happens to me in switcharoo
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    Have you made sure that you aren't zooming in on them slightly when you set them as wallpaper? Right before you do that final "set wallpaper", give it a check pinch.
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    Yurpp tried the check pinch, still a no go, screenshots of the same image in photo viewer and then set as wallpaper, look closely its pixelated anf fuzzy, not really noticeable till youre on the pre then its really annoying =/

    Look closely its fuzzy, again its really noticeable on the pre and im certain its down to a patch (?)
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    Try setting your wallpaper via the Screen & Lock application, this method worked perfectly for me after having this issue.
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