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    It's enough for me. I think the Pre specs are fine for what it needs to do. I'd like to see Palm try to increase battery capacity before adding storage or a faster CPU.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Master Brian View Post
    I am pretty sure you can. There is a way to move apps using mvapp. I dont have the link right now, but have the instructions saved on my desktop.

    Search "Solution to App Catalog Installation Limit - WebOS Internals.mht"
    or "Mvapp"

    If you still ant find it I'll try to find the link when i have more time.
    This did the trick for me. I have a couple email accounts and email goes in the same partition as apps I believe. I had thousands of emails in these accounts so they took up a good chunk of the partition and the rest was filled with apps. With mvapp, all of my emails were moved to the media partition along with the apps of my choosing, I went from a basically full app partition to 80% free on the partition.

    Needless to say, I install as many apps as I want.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MGoerke View Post
    down to 2.2 gb, got 5 or so t.v shows for my kid, 2 movies & a few of my favorite music artists. I am a huge RUSH (the band) Fan so I have about 150 or more of their songs on here just from then, & another 110 or so of Project 86 & then only 3-4 other artists. I don't think thst is much stuff! The tv shows are 150-200 mb each, movies are both in 800-900 range. I hought it would be planty due to streaming but I have difficulties streaming orb/winamp remote to my Pre while I had no issues with my centro streaming. I also would like another 5 or so kid tv shows on here so she has varitie! Atleast with my centro I could swap out a few 2gb cards I had for shows & stream my music from home on winamp remote.
    wow.. i could never let mine get that low! it would really bother me.. and i know it may be a pita but if you're responding to a post it may be helpful for you to actually read the post so that you can answer properly instead of just reading the title and not necessarily answering the question of the post.
    maybe its my fault. maybe i shoulda just named the post "how much space do you have left on your pre?"
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    For my phone, yes.

    For my MP3 player, not a chance in hell. I'm one of those obsessive types who likes the gigantic 120GB HDD players so I can have all of my music and podcasts with me.
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    It's fine for me. I already know the phone is not meant to be used for a music library. I have my workout mixes and a few other songs just to listen to but thats it. No movies (the movie experience is not meant to be had on a 3in screen) and some wallpapers and stuff.

    An SD slot would be nice. The only thing I ever used it for on my WinMo phones was to keep backups of pictures and apps and whatnot.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Master Brian View Post
    I am pretty sure you can. There is a way to move apps using mvapp. I dont have the link right now, but have the instructions saved on my desktop.

    Search "Solution to App Catalog Installation Limit - WebOS Internals.mht"
    or "Mvapp"

    If you still ant find it I'll try to find the link when i have more time.
    Yes, I know about this solution. I actually use it, but I shouldn't have to...
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    When they First Announced the 8 GB with no way to expand I was thinking man they really want to duplicate Apple's IPhone Don't they. I mean 8 GB may be fine for some but not for others atleast IPhones come in different memory capacities although they are way overpriced for the extra memory. I was down to 1.6GB left at one point. I like to have all my music with me cause with this phone horrible antenna I dont always get good streaming. I bought this phone to use it as an all in one device media player, phone, pass the time piece (music, videos, web) I have used pandora and do like it just that drains my battery more than the media player, plus theres now the limit on the use of Pandora. Practically everything I listen to on Pandora I have in my MP3 Collection. I wish there was a MicroSD card Slot even if it was under the battery for use as a backup tool or to expand the memory at our whim.

    Edit: BTW I am at 3.3 GB right now and dont really have anything I can take off the phone except the pictures I have there which is not much space. I have a few short video clips to pass the time and some files I like to carry everywhere with me but dont want to have to carry a laptop and/or a flash drive. Most of the space is the music which is paired down set of my music. Oh and about 100MB of Wallpapers so I dont get bored. I use Switcheroo to keep them rotating every 15 minutes.

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    It's enough for me right now. Mainly cause i don't use it as an mp3 player, if i did i would say it's a bit small. And it doesn't play divx movies (at least the ones i tried) otherwise i think ti'd be really small. When video recording gets going on here that's probably going to eat up a ton of space if they can get it to do hd.
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    need 16 gb. that would be ideal.
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    8Gb is perfectly fine with me...I loaded it all up with music. Problem though...what happens once Video Recording comes to the Pre...THEN there might be a prob
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    I have a 4 Gb MP3 player with a 8 Gb microSD card. I would need at least 16 Gb in the Pre (music + all the Pre content) to be able to ditch the MP3 player. I would love to do that, maybe it will happen with the Palm Pre 2...
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    I'm holding steady right now at half-capacity -- 4GB remaining --which affords me plenty of music and a ton of photos (no videos, though). Would more memory be nice? Hell to the yes, but for what I need the Pre serves just fine. I will admit that I'm a bit surprised that Palm didn't come out of the gate with 16GB seeing as how the iPhone was already at that level, but doubtless (doubtful?) there's a method to their madness.

    Anyway 8GB is fine for me, though if I were heavy into videos/movies, I'd probably be hitting a wall soon.

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    I voted that it is enough. After all I bought the phone. But, I bet myself and many others would pay extra for 16 or 32 GBs. Palm could make some nice money with some deluxe models.
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    I voted no, for the simple reason that I can see this being a problem in the future. For now it is fine, but I sure don't want Palm, if they are watching this, to think 8gb is a good stopping point. 8gb and a slot for a memory card would be great!

    It boggles my mind why some of these types of things aren't added.... It's not like it's cutting edge technology, it's not like it would take tons of space in the design or cost that much extra to impliment.
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    I'm a huge music fan, can we get the 32g or 64g version of the pre quick fast please? Or a SD slot at the minimum!
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    8GB is fine for me, but only because I use a 16GB Zune HD for my music needs. Blows the Pre's music player out of the water and it saves my Pre's battery.
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    Yeah it's plenty.
    I'd rather not murder the battery any further so I use my iPod for storage.
    Except for pictures and videos I've recorded obviously.
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    I had an omnia with 8gb built in and I didnt think it would be enough so I bought a 8gb card too. Turns out the most I ever needed was 6gb.

    An expansion slot would be nice though, 8gb is fine but the option to increase is always a good selling point
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