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    hey like all of you know my tether in 1.3.1 doesnt work.. i rather have the old version (1.2.1) but i already did the 1.3.1. update.. is there a way i can get the 1.2.1 version on my phone???
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    You can doctor it back b/c they still have the 1.2.1 version up on the website. But mind you that's a bit drastic... you lose everything on your media partition, your homebrews, and backup is sketchy at best. Oh AND you will be constantly asked to update if you do that and I don't know how long you can get away with choosing "later" everytime you plug the phone in. Unless you keep the data connections off.

    edit: if you're rooted you can try this
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    i hope aonic fix this soon thanks.

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