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    after the update, when im in a convo, every message has a big long grey box in teh middle , is this normal? when i tap on teh box..i get options to copy text, delete or forward...if this is normal, its a bit annoying to see this box on every line of text
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    mine too. I erased over 10 years of contacts trying to get that off. I prob won't get back a third of those numbers.
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    damn that sucks, u didnt sync your contacs to google or palm?
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    nope. didn't realize I would lose them. Almost cried. I am in constuction so I have no idea how many contractors numbers I lost.
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    oh, dont worry everybody, thanks for the help..hehe, waiting around for a reply and no one answered, so i fixed my problem by running the doctor i had 1.2.0, then i updated to 1.3.1 and all is fixed, i also reinstalled all my tweaks and im good now..

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