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    HELP, Cant add vcard to contacts. Anyone else having this issue?
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    i can send and recieve vcard, but can't access it...i click it and it asks to "add to contacts, forward, copy text, delete." When i add to contacts, it brings up contacts and does nothing, it will forward, and copy text just copies "new message"

    I also forwarded to gmail, and when i click it, it still does nothing.

    I needed to use this function today!
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    yes - what happened and how do we fix it???
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    I'm having the same problem!
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    Nice find. I'll report it to Palm as a bug in 1.3.1.

    *EDIT: Done!
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    Same problem, just noticed it. Figured it must be a bug. How long before it's fixed. Do you usually have to wait for the next web os update, or does something minor like this auto update over the air?
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    same for me

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