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    I cant log into my Yahoo messenger with the new update. Anyone else having this issue?
    The messenger patch worked just fine..
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    I'm having the same issue, not sure what is going on. I tried to log on my desktop with the same un and pw works fine.
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    no issues here updated about 1 hour ago
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    i'm seeing people reporting that Yahoo IM works fine in 1.3.1 if you never had the Messenger patch installed.

    those that had the Messenger patch installed seems to be running into issues with Yahoo IM in 1.3.1, even those who have uninstalled the Messenger patch prior to upgrading to 1.3.1

    i'm one of those people who had the Messenger patch, and who've uninstalled it prior to upgrading. my phone's updating right now, so i'll do a test and report back soon.
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    I never had the messenger app, and I cant add Yahoo as an IM account with Sprint 1.3.1... In fact I cant add Yahoo as an email account (get the message 'user not allowed for pop'), and when I added it for contacts, it seemed to work initially but then kept getting notifications that my password was incorrect (it isnt)
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    ok so it's been quite a while... i can't log into YahooIM either :\ even though the username/password worked fine if i log on using YahooIM on my computer.
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    I hope they fix this, for kicks I even changed the passsword again on the yahoo server....still unable to log in
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    is the Dr the only option to fix this?
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    well one update: this morning i couldn't log into yahoo at all, and all i could see was the spinning circle after waiting for half an hour. now, i get an error message saying that it couldn't connect to the server after a few minutes.
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    Yahoo working with no issues here on Sprint. I just wish there was an "invisible" option so that you don't get bombarded with messages.
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    Yahoo working for me..but you can only add ONE account. The option is removed from the Add Account scene after you've added one. Grrrr....
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    @Falco1 and @jfelectron, did either one of you have greg_roll's Messaging plugin on your pre prior to updating to 1.3.1? I am still seeing the "could not connect to the server" error.
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    designer, no, I did not have his plug in installed prior to updating. I have a virgin Pre so to speak. I have had it since launch, but never rooted it, installed homebrews or patches.
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    Nope didn't have greg_roll's installed. Its possible that even with EPR that the restore wasn't entirely clean and that the Palm update itself patched the code, leading to some incompatibility.
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    @designer: I did have a slew of other IM patches installed, but none of these altered the protocols accessible.
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    my yahoo won't sign in after the update, I had the messengers plugin but doctored my phone prior to updating... This bites Everything else about the update is a + though
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    I remember reading that the lucky folks that had the native Yahoo messenger prior to the 1.3.1 update couldn't log in either.. Don't they test things before releasing an update? It appears this is a decent sized issue..
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    Is yahoo bringing all your messenger contacts into your phone contacts like gmail and gtalk?
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    i had the plugins, but have since done a webos doctor on the phone and reupgraded. Still can't get logged into yahoo
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    Got login errors so removed the account from messaging. Email has always worked though.

    I wonder if this has to do with the fact that my user ID is from another domain. It's not I know a lot of web services that interact with Yahoo ask for your user name and append to it. Then again, my email login works.
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