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    I really need the Pre to allow me full access to Facebook. I could at least go to the full web page and do things that weren't yet on the app before downloading the most recent update which now limits me to the Pre version. I need to be able to read and make photo comments and see the live feed and not just the news feed (which shows older posts out of order). This is sooo frustrating. It would also be nice to just flip through pics and not have to tap the arrow. More importantly I need to be able to delete comments I may make on walls or that others may place on my wall. Any suggestions that I may not know about??
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    Type the full URL of and bookmark. This will give you access to the full site again.

    Now if FB could just stop mesing with my m. version...
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    I think you may want to clear browser cache before you go to the full site as well.

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