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    I am slightly confused about the upcoming update.

    1) there are guys on here that already have the Pixi w/ 1.2.9 and are able to update out of the box to 1.3.1, So i wonder if the Pixi can be updated why cant the Pre?

    2) Will the Pre and Pixi have separate versions of 1.3.1

    3) if The Pixi has the access to 1.3.1, Shouldnt there be a way to download WebOsDoctor1.3.1, if not will the Pixi owners have to Doctor back to 1.2.9 untill the WebOsDoctor 1.3.1 is released?

    4) If they can Dr back to 1.2.9 why cant we download The Dr1.2.9?

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    It's probably a slightly different version, same with the iPhones/iPod Touches. I know waiting isn't fun, first hand, but I think it's just a matter of waiting 1.3.1 will be available within a few weeks probably (nobody knows for sure) and even though the GSM Pre's are still on 1.1.3 I'm happy to wait. But I can't tell you anything other than that.

    1) Slightly different version I'm guessing
    2) Yes probably some minor changes
    3) Maybe the Dr. hasn't been released yet and they won't til the Pre has 1.3.1 as well?
    4) Because the 1.2.9 wasn't made for the Pre?

    * just speculating.
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    As far as question number 2 goes... we won't know for sure until it is released. In general with any type of software development, when you have multiple hardware platforms, sometimes the exact same codebase is used for both platforms and contains conditional code such as "IF (DEV=="PIXI") { do something } ELSE { do something else }". Other times, separate binary code is released for each platform. Oftentimes, it's a mix of the two methods.

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