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    With only 7.1GB of user space on the Pre I'm under the impression the phone will become obsolete, WAY WAY before it matures? Understand updates ranging from 10MB to 120+MB and bringing in minimal features?

    Yes I understand the Iphone has 8GB model and it brings the entire very very developed operating system and SDK! and still has room for play but wasn't 8GB being a little light given the time, also that there is no expandable memory and we only had 7.1 GB of user space to begin with?

    I guess all I'm stressing about is was the Pre worth it or should I have waited???

    please any comments or input on anything that could help me get a better understanding POST!
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    your just paranoid lol when an update is done they don't add that much stuff to it they are basically replacing certain files and not just adding more stuff. Like when you replace a tire on your car you don't just add the new tire on top of the old. you remove the old tire completely then put the new one in place . It may have added a little extra weight in tire tread but overall it didn't add alot to it just a little . Ok do you understand that?
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    I think your math and understanding of the storage space and updates are a little off. Updates mostly just end up overwriting what was there before. They may add a little bit, but not a significant size.

    And the size of the OS is only a fraction of the available space for media (and hopefully apps someday). We're talking megabytes for OS and gigabytes for storage. So 8GB may be a little small for some (for me, with a little careful management it's fine), but there's no reason to believe it will make your phone "obsolete" in any way.

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