Hey gang, is there any way I don't know about to coerce the Pre to send email as plain text instead of HTML? I sometimes need to send email to a couple listservs for work that won't accept HTML/multipart messages, and it's really inconvenient to not be able to send to these lists from my Pre.

I'd love a legit native solution, but I would be equally amenable to:

a) A patch that makes all outgoing e-mail plain text. I have no need for HTML outgoing e-mail in general everyday use.

b) A remailer service that would somehow convert to plain text and then redirect the resulting message to the listserv.

I've tried setting up B on an account on my domain (hosted by Dreamhost), but I'm running into roadblocks, I think because it shows up to the listserv as having been addressed to "my-remailer@my-domain.com" rather than to "listserv@itsdomain.com" and so it assumes its spam and doesn't pass it through. So I need a remailer that would edit the "to" address, and DreamHosts filters won't do that, and I'm a procmail ***** so I don't know if there's a way to set it up manually.

Any ideas?