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    I'm having a couple of issues with my Pre, and am wondering if the issues are specific to my phone or general webOS problems.

    I have Facebook contacts on my phone, but no new contacts have shown up for months. I can upload photos fine so I know the phone can talk to Facebook. Are other people getting recent Facebook contacts synced to their Pre?

    I cannot listen to Google voicemails off the website or when they are attached to an email ... I get a streaming error. I have to actually call into the service in order to listen to my messages. Are others able to stream Google VMs successfully?
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    Don't use Google VM but for your Facebook issue, it sounds like one of your contacts (bugged) is stopping the sync. You could try to delete Facebook from your Pre and then reinstall it. This has worked in the past but you'll also have to resync any contacts that didn't automatically get synced with current profiles.
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