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    Has anyone ever come across a web site that sees that your pre is a mobile and will not let you get into the full site but redirects to you the mobile?

    Is there a preference or patch that gets you around that? The site I am having issues with is www dot wcnc dot com they keep sending me to and the Pre browser should be able to handle the normal site.

    thank you for any responses and yes, I did clear cashe, history and cookies.
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    I forgot how to even view a website in full. Can you refresh me?
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    Some sites automatically redirect based on the browser agent detected.

    If you can find the full URL to the home page of the regular site and type that in (I would recommend bookmarking it as well) it should take you to the real site instead of the mobile.

    Usually it's just a matter of putting the full http:// at the beginning and maybe adding a /home.php or an /index.html at the end. Can't make any guarantees, but it's worth a shot.
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    usually at bottom of page it could give you option. once Flash gets here i think i could do without mobile form or would be nice to have option on the fly.
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    yea, this one directs based on browser and coding from the site. I used to just type in the address www dot wcnc dot com to get to full broswer. even book marked it and it worked until they made some changes. I googled and read about the iphone spoof, but even had a friend with an iphone try and he was redirected to mobile site. Am also trying to work with company to give the option to chose if you want to go to the mobile site or full site. There are enough mobile phones with decent browers that should be able to choose if they want the full site.

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