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    Would some care to make an app that can be used to track dining out?

    It should include the obvious: Name, Date (complete with time), Cost, Notes

    Other things I'd like: Restaurant Info i.e. Address, Phone, Email, website (phone, email and website should be "active links"), Cost optionally divided into food, alcohol, bar, tax and tip, Head Chef(s), Owner(s), Cuisine, Required Atire (Formal, Coat and Tie, Business Casual, Casual, Beach Bums Welcome) Running Cost total, Password protection, Star rating 1-5 with 1/2 stars, Reservation entry auto created in calendar or just a shortcut to the calendar to do it my self, restaurant "wish list" tag in a record and remove from "wish list" (does not delete record/entry).

    I would like to be able to sort restaurants visits by date, restaurant name, rating or total cost. Also, when the app opens I'd like it to default to a list of the restaurants visited by date with the date displaying to the right (excluding "wish list"), pretty much like the check book app.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Would a mod please move this thread to "webOS development?"


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