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    Hello everyone, I have a problem with my pre:

    my pre is fully updated, I have latest version of preware, latest version of webosquickinstall
    I've installed quite a few tweaks on my pre, however whenever I try to install a tweak for messaging (forwarding, landscape) I get an error.

    Is there any way for me to fix it and install such mods?

    thank you
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    I'm assuming step one will work for you. if it's in the list you can uninstall it, than you can go to preware and or quick install after that step and install it again. if not you may have to do step 3 and redo all your tweaks.

    corrupt patch removal steps
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    I was having trouble like this with a 4x4 patch and it did not show as installed in QI, so I ended up running Emergency Patch Recovery via PreWare and restarting...worked like a dream.
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    thank you very much trying it now

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