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    Has anyone else been getting "Failed to Load the Requested Page" inside the Pre Help app?

    Every topic I try has this error.
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    I've been getting it for a weeks. (maybe longer) Can't figure it out. I think I mentioned this somewhere but didn't get a response.

    when I got my Pre from Asurion, I had the yahoo, I accidentally put the wrong password in, updated the webos to the newest version and yahoo is present, but doesn't quite allow me to change the password or add a yahoo account even though the account is present. I'm figuring the webos new version doesn't have the yahoo active so I decided to see if the help menus had the yahoo icon and that's when I noticed my help menus were not working... Trying to solve one problem found another led to my frustration and I just gave up... :-(
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    My help screens haven't worked since installing patches for the first time. Anyone know why it's messed up?
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    no one else is missing their help screens except us three? Lol

    so our help screens fail. Our help site won't acknowledge us. Palm hasn't responded. Guess we better becomme pros and avoid help menus. :-)

    that would be a bad thing if something we do (patches/themes) is breaking the help menus... Hmmmm...
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    You are not alone. If you find an answer let me know too.
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    Same problem with mine for quite some time. Can't find any assistance anywhere.

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