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    After seeing many bugs that still have not been addressed or wanting to find if there is a workaround for a current bug, it seems that no real bug-reporting platform exists for webOS. Nowhere on palm's site is there any mention of a way to report bugs except through forums, palm's chat, or sprint. Sprint clearly will not know what to do and almost always refers their users to "reset" their phone, which is not a healthy model. Even in this forum, multiple threads exist for one bug, there is no id number attached, and no information as to any advances in fixing or acknowledging the bug is available.

    If anyone is in good with Palm (or someone from Palm sees this), you might suggest adding this to the palm support site.

    I've seen this requested on other forums but not in Precentral, where I mainly post and monitor.
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    Anyone have any ideas on how to push this?
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    I think that bugs go to an email address like

    You can find the address at
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    I am bumping this thread because alot of users are having issues with the browser or other problems that they are experiencing or suggestions. Hopefully everyone can send feedback to palm and help make webOS greater in death.
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    The following thread is being monitored by HP employees who are verifying bugs and issues reported:

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