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    I have a thread of texts that does does not appear on the list card. If I get a notification that I got the message from that person and clear it from the bottom screen, it disappears. The only way to see the message is to send a new message to that person. There is also now way to delete the thread. Anyone having similar issues?
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    Thank Sharper from the forums

    I was at a lost when this happened to me as well....until I did this...

    1. Go to a the particular person in "Contacts" and bring up their screen
    2. Tap on their name (at the top)
    3. Tap "Link more profiles..."
    4. Link them to another contact (only temporary)
    5. Close contact
    6. Open that person's contact again
    7. Tap on their name or their link...and tap "unlink"

    That person and their conversation will reappear in your "Messaging"...where you can individually delete conversations one by one or the entire conversation.

    Do this for each person that no long shows up in your "Messaging" area.
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    Many people have had this problem & posted their solution in the forum. Please search. I also have a few links in my sig for this problem.
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    Thanks for your help. Linking and unlinking did the trick.

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