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    Well, sort of!! For those of you who don't know, the Homebrew app Agenda as just recently updated for a few key improvements:

    1. Select Date Range: You can specify a starting and ending date of the agenda, instead of the default range (user specified from 1 to 31).
    2. Search: Just like search within other Apps (like email) where you start typing, Agenda now has the ability to search within calendar entries. I am not if it includes location and notes, etc, but it at least has the calendar entry name

    So, if you are searching for a specific appointment and you only know the month or year or decade, just set your "Date Rate" and do a search! It's as easy as that!

    For those of you not familiar with Agenda, I would really suggest checking it out! It also has a calender icon that changes with the date (like the stock calendar) and has nice integration with Quick Event! Palm really needs to reach out the developer of this and pay him for his time and get this into the base webOS code.

    Note: unfortunately, the developer is using some undocumented APIs that may not work in the future. But for now, this is a MUST App for everyone!
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    +1. Yep, it is a must have app. Donate so that he can keep working on this app. This is the most useful app for me. I leave it open all the time.
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    +1 also -- thanks for this --amazing update / very useful (I didn't know this and have been looking for this function).

    How does one donate to a Homebrew app developer? So far, the only method I've used is to buy a paid app (App calendar) from the same developer (ie: UberRadio purchase as thanks for UberCalendar).

    On a related topic: keep in mind the developer note from another forum thread:

    Quote Originally Posted by haeffb View Post
    You can search Calendar events in the Agenda app by choosing a custom date range. There is currently a bug when using a range with a large number of events that I'm trying to track down, but you can easily search smaller ranges.

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