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    Why do I allways have to bring up the menu, launch the clock app, wait, switch to the alarm screen and wait again to toggle alarms on and off.

    There should be an easier way. Put the alarms together with the wifi/bluetooth switches into the top right menu. Would make sense.

    Is there some homebrew that can do that? If not please write one *g*

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    It depends on what you use your alarms for.

    If you're like me, and only use the alarm for your morning alarm clock, you could run one of the homebrew apps like timepiece. Having timepiece launch itself when there's a pending alarm is optional. If you leave that off, the alarms will only work while timepiece is running.
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    I'm using my pre as morning alarm clock too.
    Essentially I'm missing a way to QUICKLY set up a simple alarm. The times I need to get up differ from day to day. Currently I allways need to launch the app and edit an alarm. That allways takes so long and thats a bad thing when I'm tired
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    Try timepiece. You'll be very very glad you did. You can easily set repeating alarms that work on certain days of the week, and all you have to do is remember to open the program before you go to bed. Selecting which alarm you want is just a couple of quick taps.
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    I like the app.

    But, however, it does not fix the issue with not being able to QUICKLY set up a new alarm for a specific time.

    Here some homebrew app suggestion:
    From the home screen, in the upper right menu, there should be a new menu point like "Setup an alarm". You click it, and you get a dialog to choose hours and minutes via several group of buttons. Hit save, and you're done.

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