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    I have tried to install this app about 6 times in the last 3 hours..

    I followed the directions EXPLICITLY AND EXACTLY, step by step.
    (How to Tether Your Palm Pre as a USB Modem! | Palm Pre Hacks Blog!)

    The phone is rooted properly

    When I get to the Install New Hardware wizard, I go through all the steps and at the end, I get CODE 10 error and the driver will not install.

    Anyone have any ideas?
    Thank you
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    bueller.. bueller... BUELLER??
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    There are several issues here.

    1. MyTether is one of the most discussed apps available, so you can't possibly have done a very thorough search. A lot of people get annoyed with questions that are so easy to find the answer to that the OP obviously didn't try.

    2. A very brief search would have turned up the fact that only the paid version of MyTether does this with any consistency, and also that WebOS update 1.2.1 broke the older versions of MyTether, so only the latest paid version works at all. Or at least that's my understanding. Either way a 2 second search for the word tether or mytether would get you all the info you need.

    3. An equally brief search would have lead you to a discussion about just exactly how to re-enable mytether.

    4. And this is the big one, you didn't actually give anybody enough information to work with. In particular, what version of MyTether are you using, and what version of windows are you using.

    5. Last but not least, if you ARE using the paid version, the developer has his own forum for discussing MyTether, with a lot of really specific trouble shooting information.

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