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    Before Thanksgiving 2009 -- webOS 1.3 and pixi release
    1.3 should bring the most requested app upgrades and fix essential bugs.. Forget about speed for now
    -- SUCCESS

    Before March 2010 -- webOS 1.4 and Verizon release
    1.4 should bring all-new features, such as video recording.
    -- SUCCESS

    Before May 2010 -- webOS 1.5 with Revamped Hardware Drivers
    All hardware issues as of June 2009 should be completely solid.

    The 3 areas of improvement:
    • A dynamically-scaling CPU (fixing battery life issues) -- NOT MET
    • A universally active GPU (fixing UI lag) -- NOT MET
    • Improved RAM allocation (fixing 'Too Many Cards' when none are open) -- NOT MET

    Before July 2010 -- Next-Generation webOS and Hardware
    • New UI Innovations (in order combat inevitable new wave of Apple copying) -- NOT MET
    • 'Pre2' with specs that meet or beat the iPhone 4 -- NOT MET
    • Some form of wireless file transfer -- NOT MET
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    Before Christmas 2010 -- Holographic display along with a dispenser slot that prints money.

    If these demands aren't met, I am selling my phone and moving to the moon!

    "ok, we'll get right to work on this!" /webosDev
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    Good one. I was trying to come up with something funny but just couldn't.

    I mean come on. Maybe this guy should work for palm since he has mapped their life out for them.

    Although to some degree I agree they need to have a serious plan or they (and us) will get left behind. But after my two year contract why would I give a crap if palm folded their tent and went home.
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    I want webOS to stay around for a long, long time. Using the Web as a foundation is perfect, as is Palm's attitude towards mobile computing. Execution is far below what anyone expected in January, however, and these are waypoints for everyone to watch.

    This is an excellent meter to measure whether Palm is progressing at the rate they need to in order to stay competitive, and provides the points which will keep users and developers on the cutting edge.
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    Amen on the hardware acceleration. They need to get the GPU working in this thing.
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    I want ALL this stuff, delivered YESTERDAY!

    Seriously, your timeline won't even help Palm stave off the competition it's going to face this Xmas shopping season. Yet another powerful Android phone is imminent from Sony. Palm is already playing catchup and they're about to be left in the dust.
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    Interesting. Nothing is mentioned about an updated SDK. To me, that is starting to become more and more important so some of these developers (Shazam, Coreplayer, etc.) can fully utilize the phone.
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    This is a great timeline if they want to remain competitive; has anyone seen the features of the new Android 2.0? It's wicked!
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    Quote Originally Posted by bpdamas View Post
    Interesting. Nothing is mentioned about an updated SDK. To me, that is starting to become more and more important so some of these developers (Shazam, Coreplayer, etc.) can fully utilize the phone.
    That is an entirely different set of milestones, but equally important.
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    As for the dev side of things, I feel like WebWorkers should be supported by the end of March 2010, same time that hardware support gets revamped. That would be fitting and appropriate.

    Palm has done well by exceeding this timeline so far. Let's see what January holds!!
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    Rejigged the "schedule" a little, as CES kind of rocked the boat. Palm is still on-track, but 1.4 is a little late, while 1.3.5 was an early revolution.
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    So it seems like webOS won't be playing any friendlier with its hardware anytime soon. They are hooking CSS into the GPU, which will help a lot, but that is in 6 months!

    Thankfully, the prolific and brilliant homebrew community has stepped forward. I highly recommend checking out WebOS Interals' UberKernel and parallel efforts by caj2008.

    CPU overclocking via homebrew kernels all but neutralizes these three May 1st issues.
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    Well, Palm all but failed. But hey, I guessed the name of the iPhone 4 correctly! It turned out to be "iPhone 4"!

    Speaking of the iPhone 4, that is my new phone. Looking forward to what H/Palm can do, I hope Palm doesn't make themselves irrelevant for the 18th time.

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