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    I think its wise to point out:

    Palm has around 1000 employees. Launching the Pre worldwide, developing the Pixi and releasing it soon while handling the app catalog and backup servers etc. etc.

    I think they are stretched pretty thin. I mean we'll have an update when the Pixi comes out but I've honestly love WebOS right now. And as long as it keeps getting better, I right now don't have much longing for a new phone.

    As nice as Android looks I think the UI is simply not that straight forward and its browsing pales to WebOS.
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    I'm not going to get too deep into this conversation, but keep in mind Palm barely has 1,000 employees. They know who they're competing with, trust me... Apple HQ is a city away from Palm HQ. They know.

    They don't have many employees, yet they're already launching a second webOS phone. This is good for *all of us*.
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    why palm is special to me??
    I started with a Palm Pilot Pro
    I then moved to a Palm III
    due to a "crushing" accident, I went for the Palm IIIg (I think it was a "g", I know it was a letter)
    an alphanumeric pager add-on was available for different models, but not what I had.
    I got it anyway and MADE it work. sure some of the back cover was made from electrical tape, it WORKED DAMMIT!!!! was cool getting pager alerts from my Palm.

    after that I took a break from them, but later got a Palm m505.
    a Palm Tungsten T was next, and I fell in love with the slider.
    I lost that one along with all the rest of my possessions last year, and am back in the game with a Palm Pre.

    I really liked the graffiti on the older ones, and got quite good at it. almost like learning another language in some aspects. I suppose I was good because my Pilot Pro was in 9th grade, so I had plenty of time to learn it.
    my friends would want to play with it, but never could because they couldnt write the letters.
    if graffiti were to come back, I would not complain.

    I also currently have a Palm m100 that I use for vehicle diagnostics.
    the rest of my family all have Palm Centros.

    cliff notes-
    I had a -
    Palm Pilot Pro
    Palm III
    Palm IIIg? (with a hacked alphanumeric pager add-on)
    Palm m505
    Palm Tungsten T
    Palm m100 (still in use)
    Palm Pre
    I want graffiti to come back.
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