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    I don't want any of my information to be stored on palm's servers. Is there a way to use the pre without it exchanging data with the palm cloud, please?
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    I take it you don't have a pre yet but fair question. Two things need to be done.

    1. Don't use the profile you create with the Pre (palm profile) when you set it up. Only use gmail. This palm profile is where your contacts will be initially set up if you pick up the Pre in a store.

    2. Turn off automatic backup.

    If you don't want your data stored/sync'd in the cloud then don't get a pre. If you just don't want Palm to have access to your data than don't use their servers through steps 1 and 2.

    I don't use the Palm profile because I like to edit my contacts from a PC and gmail let's you do that but I would not give up the backup feature. Also, I backup my contacts from gmail to my pc; just in case.

    Good luck
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    The entire point of webos is that everything is backed up to servers if your not going to use it to its fullest then you would be better off getting the hero IMHO
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    Thank you very much for your help!
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    You should still back your info up. Google sync is free, but in the cloud. If you use Outlook and don't want you stuff in the cloud, like me, i can recomend PocketMirror.

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