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    My iMac running 10.3.9 crashed due to a power failure while in the middle of a long iTunes music/Media Sync with my Pre. Everything works great, but my Music and Video apps both display there to be "no files" upon boot, and the video folder that I made on my Pre has disappeared (or is invisible— it should have a 700mb mp4 file in it, as well as the original Pre video). And while there are no music files, Device Info app indicates that I still have 6.2 gb of files (my media files) still on the Pre.

    I've already backed up all of my ringtones and wallpapers and photos, which were unaffected. What I'd like to do is erase and reformat the USB partition of the Pre, and then copy all of my media files back manually. Is this safe to do? Can I use my iMac to reformat, or does it have to be MS-DOS? I have choices when using the Mac Drive Utility of formatting with Mac OS Extended, Mac OS Extended (Journaled) or UNIX File System.
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