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    So I have noticed with the new update that I have been having some weird glitches, like when I flick away a card and the next one moves in to replace it I will see the flicked card slide back down in the background then disappear.

    Now I thought maybe it missed the gesture, but I have been seeing this happen with Text messages too, I will flick one away, select Delete, but it will reappear again. I even checked to see if it came back because I got a new text from that person, but nope, the conversation was over.

    Anyone else seeing this problem? Is this an indicator I have a problem with my pre?

    Yes I have some hombrew/themes/stuff installed on my PRe beyond the norm. Comments suggestions welcome, thank you
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    its happened to me before the update, I think that the phone has to take some time to fully move the card away

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