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    I updated Preware & it gave me a message after it restarted: The Package Manager Service you're running isn't compatible with this version of Preware. Please update it with WebOS Quick Install. [2]

    What do you do??
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    go to webos quick install 2.82 and install it again first package manager service restart luna and then preware !
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    I'm getting the same error message. I did what you mentioned: reinstalled package manager with quick install 2.82 (it has two little pluses ( ++ ) next to it, what does that mean?), restarted luna, and reinstalled preware. No luck

    any ideas?
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    im a developer and recently i've been having the problem that when i try to run one of my apps on the device via eclipse the phone freezes and the build prozess gets stuck at 50%. Could this be due to me having the package manager installed on my pre?
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    Thread closed.

    Please refer to the new Package Service Manager thread.

    - Craig

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