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    I have previously mentioned that the default date format for Canadian subscribers seems to be DD/MM/YY and DD MMM YYYY. I hate this. This is not how most Canadians refer to the date, unless you work for the government or the military, or you live in Quebec.

    See this article:
    Date and time notation by country - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    I would love it if someone could produce a patch that would allow the user to select the date format of his/her choosing:

    DD/MM/YY, DD/MM/YYYY, DD MMM YYYY (the current default) or

    Also, I have noticed in some screenshots posted here that the built-in Pre Calculator uses commas in the display of large numbers. That is not the case on my Pre, but I am wondering if this is a locale issue, or maybe the screenshot is of Calculator running in the emulator. In any event, I would love to see a patch that would enable commas to be displayed the the default Calculator. If it's a Canadian/American thing, maybe these two ideas could be put into a single patch.
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    Interesting. I'm Canadian and I like the date to be YYYY/MM/DD. However most places in Canada go for the MM/DD/YYYY, just like the yanks, in my experience.
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    Canadian here, and I insist on doing it DD/MM/YYYY. It's logical to start with the most specific bit of information and abstract it from there. YYYY/MM/DD would work for me too.

    People who do days in the middle make no sense to me. Why put yourself through that nonsense?
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    canadian here too frankly dont care lol
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    OK, so if the current format works for you, or if you don't care, why bother weighing in? The patch wouldn't be mandatory, and further I am proposing that the patch give you the choice of formats.

    I personally don't care to "theme" my phone, but I don't feel that my announcing that fact in any of the theming threads would add much to their discussion.

    This thread is really aimed at anyone who would care to choose their date format.
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    Regional Settings -> Formats -> Choose Country (I selected USA instead of Canada)

    Requires reboot after making changes.

    Works as expected. Amazed that I didn't stumble on this earlier.

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