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    Says error installing: see IPKG Log. Please help!
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    run the "webos repair utility" you also want to go in to options (in the repair utility) and click "override compatibility" this will put your phone back to 1.21 without erasing any data. it will get rid of any errors and tweats that maybe didn't uninstall correctly (if you check the override).

    you can search for it on this site. you will need webos doctor 1.21 to run it.
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    what you could do also is run webOs doc and get your phone back to 1.1
    make sure before you do this you have backed up any data, numbers and or will loose everything....after you do that, than install 1.2.1.........after that enter your email and password in the phone to retrieve contacts....

    now..go to updates and install 1.2.1

    while you wait for that, update the latest webOS installer... .2.7...

    you should be good to go..i had the same exact problem and now have 10 PATCHES AND A THEME

    before any of that, make sure u try uninstalling thru webOS installer

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