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    I've searched and can't seem to find any info on this.

    When having a couple or more browser cards open, then open something else, like another browser card (especially a "full" site with a fair amount of graphics), Google maps, Filecoaster, etc., sometimes I see a big lag on the new card, then go back to card view and notice browser card(s) are grayed out... when the grayed out browser card is brought back up, it begins a refresh and sometimes has garbled graphics, graphics in the wrong spot, and mobile site formatting screwed up.

    I just want to make sure I'm not the only one who has experienced this and also see if it's part of another issue.
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    Wow... nobody?
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    I've had the browser grey out on me when it couldn't find an internet connection, but you're connected to wifi, so I don't know...

    I'd try rebooting and see if that fixes anything. My Pre always acts wonky if I don't shut it off every couple days.
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    Yeah, this is definitely not the no connection gray out.

    I've had this happen with 1.0, 1.1, 1.2.0, and 1.2.1... with or without any tweaks. I think it's good for a little while after a reboot. Just for giggles, I'm going to reboot right now and try to duplicate the issue.
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    I think it is when it runs out of memory in loading another page and so it frees up the old page and has to refresh when it gets focus back.
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    That's definitely what it seems like.
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    Just got it to do it again after rebooting about an hour ago.

    Right after the reboot, I pulled up 3 browser cards (FB mobile, Wunderground, and PreCentral), Google Maps, and Filecoaster... everything worked fine.

    Since then, I sent a couple txt messages, popped around on Facebook Mobile, took a picture, closed camera, opened pictures, uploaded picture, poked around here, then opened Filecoaster again... BAM... Lag trying to scroll in Filecoaster, pause, lag, back to card view and 1st browser card (FB Mobile) is grayed out.

    So, currently running... FB Mobile (grayed), PreCentral Mobile, SMS, Pictures, and Filecoaster... sitting on wifi as well.
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    screen shots...
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    did I post this in the wrong forum?
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    I get this as well. It seems to happen a lot with Facebook and some other sites with more stuff going on.
    no 'Thanks'
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    Just wanted to bump this up and see if anyone else is getting this as well... I still am. As long as I only keep one browser card open and not do too much else while it's open, I usually don't get the gray... open a few more things, get the lag/pause, and BAM, grayed out browser card.
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    I see this issue a lot too after using the phone for a while. After a reboot or even just restarting luna, it doesn't do it. It definitely appears to be a memory issue. That said, like I mentioned, just restarting luna seems to fix it like a reboot does, and it is much quicker than a full reboot.
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    I get this too when I'm running multiple cards of the browser. Its really annoying especially when I lose information that I typed in.
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    If ur logged into a website, you get logged out.
    Why why why why why is this done?
    Why does a card feel so dirty, that it feels the need to refresh itself almost every time i go back to it?
    The only reason i can think of is; maybe the Pre uses less memory if it temporarily greys out a browser card while you visit something else, therefore making things move faster.
    I don't know.
    But maybe some of you can chime in with some "wisdom".

    BTW: I don't think this happened with all of the earlier versions of webOS. I think it started towards the end of '09.
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    There is indeed but dbd doesn't like patches.

    Too bad bro.
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    dbd also doesn't like posting threads without --> <--...
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    -->This is driving me crazy<--- (i agree with your issue though)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kedar View Post
    dbd also doesn't like posting threads without --> <--...
    I laughed.
    I had the patch installed for a while but it causes conflicts with certain apps and services unfortunately.
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    the patch works somewhat, but still refreshes I think if you lose data coverage or if the Pre switches to 1x. It IS very annoying and I don't use the browser too much bc of it.
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