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    Wasn't the refresh issue addressed on the last WebOS update? I noticed back then that the cards (specially the browser) no longer refreshed when you switched to different cards.

    However, after a while I noticed the refresh bug ("no, it's a feature!" ) came back... FTR, I removed all patches prior to the last OS update and haven't reinstalled them yet, so it can't be a rogue patch causing any conflicts.
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    ok the pre is it's virtually impossible to.multi-task with the damn web.....why? This IS a dealbreaker
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    Another thread was started on this topic. That OP confirmed that it is really a part of this thread so the threads were merged.

    If you need help using your phone, post your request here. If you want Palm to know about your issue, please post in their official Palm User Forum or tell them directly: Palm will not see it here.

    - Craig
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