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    Ok, so I'm trying to figure out what's goin.... whenever I dial voicemail on the device, it actually dials voicemail but instead of saying "Voicemail" at the top, it says a contact's name. Eventually it even deleted said contact. It doesnt actually dial the contact, just displays the name. I swapped the phone out for a brand new one, re-signed into the profile and the problem persisted. Thinking it might be a problem with the OTA programming, I programmed it manually and still experiencing the issue. Anyone have any ideas? It is a very annoying problem.
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    Check if there is a contact in your contacts app with this number or one close that was maybe wrongly entered with your own voicemail number. On my pre when I call voicemail my name and picture appear because I have a contact card in my name, with that cell number(among others).
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    Remember the adage; Garbage in – Garbage out? I suspect that it may apply in this case. Different phones, same data = same problem. Then the data in your contact list for that profile is corrupt.

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